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June 15, 2000

Myra Gonzales

Age: 19




Filipino, Indian, Other

Maryland, USA

Univ of Maryland at Col Park

Graduation: 2003

Job Industry:

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Computers, Shopping, Travel, Writing

Martial Arts


Fashion, Film/Movies, Fine Arts, Literature, Performing Arts, Photography




That`s me on the right with the dark hair and burgandy dress, with my best friend Cherry.
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My name is Myra and I am a sophomore student at the University of Maryland. My major is in finance and micro economics. I am part Indian, Filipino and English. My dad, who is Filipino, migrated here eons ago to work for a financial power-house called The World Bank. I have 3 sisters and a brother. It`s nice growing up with a big family but as you can imagine not without it`s disadvantages: we have to fight for the bathroom everytime!!!

Here`s another photo of me and Cher, taken by Steve Dean.
I have lots of asian friends from school, but a white girl asked me to sign up here, Her name is Sharon and she`s got a page here with Felicia. The photos above were from a photo shoot for my brother`s high school prom. My friend and I were dates of my brother`s friends. We went to Steve Dean`s studio for photos. We took the usual prom cheesy photos then Mr Dean asked if we wanted to pose for him. He showed us his portolio. He does a lot of boudoir photography and catalogs of women under things... We decided, what the heck. He asked to photograph us in our underwear: Underwear Photo 1. He asked us to be a little sexy: Underwear Photo 2. He said he`d pay us $50 each if we showed more, I flashed Cher and he was quick to snap the photo: Underwear Photo 3. Cher retaliated: Underwear Photo 4.
Mr.Dean wanted me to model for him for some of his boudoir projects, see below. But at the time I had plans for Spring Break with Cher. We headed for a beach in SC with Cher`s boyfriend. We found a nude beach where most of the spring breakers go. Nude Beach 1. Here`s us playing with sea weeds: Nude Beach 2. Here`s us pretending to like each other: Nude Beach 3. I met a guy at the beach who was an art major and asked if I would pose for him. He was too shy to ask me for the real photos he wanted to take, but he got them anyway:-) These were taken a deserted waterfront: Waterfront 1. I really like this one: Waterfront 2

This is me goofing off my shoot. Photo by Steve Dean.
I never modeled professionally before but I was always an exhibitionist at heart. Steve Dean made me feel so comfortable with myself and my body. Everything just came natural and uninhibited. The following photos were taken somewhere in Deleware.

This is what it`s supposed to look like. I am a little tense, can you tell?
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I was never too crazy about my *bleep*, he said I have a nice one: you be the judge: My Behind. He said my dark skin blended so well with a rustic background so we went and looked for a location: Rustic 1. At times, it got uncomfortable: Rustic 2. At times, it was hard to keep a straight face: Rustic 3. This one didn`t quite work but it`s interesting composition: Rustic 4

The Boudoir Series: I`m really proud of this series of photos by Steve Dean.
Click on the image if you like to see it bigger.
I never realized I can look like this in photos: Boudoir 1. Eroticism is never my thing, but if I didn`t tell you can you tell? Boudoir 2. I really like my hair on this one; the photo, a little too sleazy for me, but hey, we`re all grown ups right? Boudoir 3.   Love, Myra